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Player Name:             MarO
Current Race:            
Current League:         
Current League Stats: Rank 30 - 11 wins (293 points)
Has not played a clan game yet.


Hi there guys! I'm MarO (Formely GrayFox), a silver Protoss player from Malaysia... :) I have never played StarCraft 2 before and only started really playing from December 2012 onwards. I love StarCraft 2, I love Husky StarCraft and I love LiquidHerO...<3 I have recently attained my degree in law and currently I am pursuing my professional degree in law. This might mean much, much less time to practice but whenever I can, I shall... :) Words cannot describe how proud I am to be a clan member of Fusion Slugs, a well-known and respected clan especially in SEA. I am new to this game, but I am an avid learner and I hope that by joining this clan, I would become a better player so that I can help bring much more success to this clan and to ultimately help promote the growth of e-sports globally generally and Malaysia specifically. GLHF! :D

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