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Player Profile - moofaNg

Player Name:             moofaNg
Current Race:            
Current League:         
Current League Stats: Rank 15 - 20 wins (452 points)
Apperances for Clan: 30
Games Played: 30

Overall Record: 21 - 9 (70%)


Starcraft 2 is moofang's return to active computer gaming since retiring from a brief stint in competitive dota. After spending far too much time playing team games with friends who just didn't want to play 1v1, he finally decided to take things into his own hands and join a clan. Believing that the better you get at Starcraft 2 the more you enjoy the game, he hopes to become a valuable player for Fusion Slugs while having fun and improving his play.

A die-hard Protoss since his casual Brood War days, moofang could also never quite explain his race choice, other than that it just felt.. right.

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