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[Clan War] vs Team AxiS

Tournament: Clan War
Fixture Title: HotS BSG Clan War v AxiS
URL: http://www.sc2sea.com/showthread.php?t=7762

HotS BSG Clan War
Best of 7 all kill
Ladder Maps

Fusion Slugs43Team AxiS
GrayDancer 10AxSHerO
Akilon Wastes
GrayDancer 10DuSt
Neo Planet S
GrayDancer 01Ice
Derelict Watcher
Enever 10Ice
Belshir Vestige
Enever 01FrostbitE
Star Station
wolfbomb 01FrostbitE
Akilon Wastes
Hyrlis 10FrostbitE
Belshir Vestige

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