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FSBenAD wins GPD #49


Yesterday the first piece of silverware came home to the Fusion Slugs, with captain FSBenAD managing to take out the SEA GPD Open 49.

After getting a bye and walkover to make it to the Round of 16, FSBenAD faced Diamond Terran player face in a best of 1 on Korhal Compound. In a close contest which featured continued drop play and harass from the Terran, FSBenAD was able grab the win.

The quarter finals saw a PvP against harrycox, a gold level player who had reached the quarter finals after beating a Diamond level protoss in the previous round. The fusion slug captain was able to hold 2 well executed 4 gates to qualify for the semi finals!

This time it was another PvT against Diamond player qwerty in a best of 3. A long macro game saw FSBenAD take a 1-0 lead, after managed to catch all the medivacs after a huge battle. Game 2 saw early pressure from qwerty which was held, but a failed counter attack saw qwerty take a quick game 2. The final game saw the 4 gate blink stalkers put the fast expanded qwerty in a bad position and secure the win.

The final was a PvP between ali from team mGG and was an intense 5 game affair. ali started the series with a successful nexus first, which completely confused Ben. Game 2 saw constant blink stalker and then DT pressure from ali and only a counter attack by 4 DTs, which took our Alis natural and many probes, kept BenAD in the game and give him an econ lead and eventually lead to victory.

Game three was ali perform a 4 gate with a faked 2nd gas and get a hidden pylon into the main for a quick win. Game 4 saw another 4 gate, but this time it was held. Ali committed to it and tried to break in with an archon, but Ben had enough to send the series into a decider. Ali attempted to nexus first again in the final, but Ben blocked it with a pylon. Ali tried to cannon rush but was stopped and gg'd out, giving BenAD the title.

BenAD would like to take the opportunity to thank all his opponents for being manner and for playing some great games. And a thanks to the rest of the slugs and NaZ for their support during the tournament. Finally to Ed and the other people at SC2SEA for making the event happen.

The semis and final were casted by non other then FSVulcaN. You can check out his whole cast here.

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Posted by [FS]BenAD
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