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Fusion Slugs and Koreign Team Up


Today the Fusion Slugs and Koreign announce a partnership which will involve both partners using their combined resources to give the SC2 SEA and SC2 foreign community in Korea quality tournaments and competitions throughout 2013. The partnership will see promotions and sponsorship between the two parties and joint ventures to help both organizations achieve their goals of putting on fun and well run tournaments.

Koreign, who run their Masters of Koreign every month, is headed by Fusion Slug member Koreign. The Masters of Koreign has recently increased to a $100 prize pool and also gives out valuable SEA Power Rank points. The addition of the support of the Fusion Slugs as a partner will see graphics, casting and admin help and further strengthen the tournament. Koreign had this to say:

“Joining the Fusion Slugs Clan on SEA was an eye opener to me. I realized how committed, passionate and gentle this community is and I started to love the game again as it should be played. The partnership between Fusion Slugs and Koreign Tournament is highly symbolic and describes our mutual respect and desire to grow and work for the best of our communities, esport and the game of Starcraft II. I would like to emphasize even more the hard work and dedication of the members of my clan to promote better attitude, interactions and passion for this game. It makes me proud to be involved in such partnership that can only be beneficial for our two institutions and will definitively send the signal that Fusion Slugs and Koreign are working for the future of Starcraft II and not otherwise.”

The Fusion Slugs are a SC2 SEA based clan who have been in existence for over 12 months and have some history in running events, with the Fusion Slug Clan Tournament and two Internal Cups. In 2013 the Fusion Slugs will be running their first external individual focused tournament with the Heart of the Swarm beta Fusion Slug ILLusion Cup. The addition of support from Koreign will mean assistance in running these tournaments and increased exposure on the Korean server. Fusion Slug leader FSBenAD made the following statement:

“This is a really exciting opportunity here for the Fusion Slugs. We have always been keen to help promote our members initiatives however we saw the opportunity with Koreign to go one step further and become more hands on where needed to help both parties grow. We have lots of members who would love to do more casting and more admin work and being partnered with a regular high level tournament, gives the Fusion Slugs a way to give these guys valuable experience under the watchful eyes of Koreign, Jhedjuka and myself.”

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Posted by [FS]BenAD
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