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Fusion Slugs welcome Jhedjuka and Zomgrofl to the Leadership Team


Today the Fusion Slugs are proud to announce that FSJhedjuka and FSZomgrofl, both founding members of the Fusion Slugs, have joined the leadership team.

FSJhedjuka will be taking over the day to day running of our Master and Grandmaster Players, including clan wars, recruitment and training. FSZomgrofl will be doing likewise for your Platinum and Diamond players.

Clan captain FSBenAD will be stepping into a more overall role, managing all three division leaders and focusing more on overall Fusion Slug issues.

This is a huge positive and step forward for the clan, allowing us to improve further as a clan, with more people leading the way.

Overall the people you should contact for Fusion Slug matters are:

FSBenAD - General Fusion Slug Issues
FSJhedjuka - M/GM Clan Wars and Recruitment
FSZomgrofl - PD Clan Wars and Recruitment
FSDele - BSG Clan Wars and Recruitment

Big congratulations to both Zomgrofl and Jhedjuka!

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Posted by [FS]BenAD
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