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A look back at our first year


Its almost the end of 2012, the first year for the Fusion Slugs! And what better way to celebrate then with a video that shows some of the Fusion Slug big moments of the year.

Big thankyou to Rezyn, Fusion TV, Those Terrible Gamers and Loach for allowing me to use their footage in the video.

It has been a fantastic journey for myself personally. When I created the clan at the start of January for the sole intention of playing in the SEACL with my friends, I never thought that by the end of the year we would have close to 50 members and have players from Bronze to Grandmaster.

There are so many things we as a clan and our members have achieved this year. The video highlights a few of these but I owe it to them all to over it a bit more in detail. But to keep it short I will do it in a short dot point format!

  • Took 7th Spot in SEACL #2 Tier 5 - We didn’t expect to win a game!
  • FSDele won the Tier 5 Most Improved Player Award
  • Reached the semi finals of the Playwell Cup #2
  • FSBenAD won the GPD Open 49
  • From that we recruited our first Diamond player, FSCaptain
  • FSCaptain soon hits masters and takes out the FS Internal Cup #1
  • FSDronesInJail won GPD Open 61 and TNWeekly (GPD) #3
  • FSDronesInJail and FSZomgrofl Qualify for IeSF Australia Finals
  • We run our own successful Clan Tournament (BSGP) Involving 8 Clans over 5 weeks
  • We win that tournament, our first ever tournament victory
  • FSQwerty becomes the first ever GM Fusion Slug
  • FSJhedjuka and Koreign run many Masters of Koreign events
  • FSQwerty takes out the FS Internal Cup #2
  • We take part in 20 clan wars, outside of tournaments (Going 11-9)
All in all it was an incredible year and I want to thank everyone in this community, from the bottom of my heart, for giving us the opportunity and supporting us.

We are busy looking forward to 2013, with more senior leadership coming on board and other changes which you will see very soon.

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Posted by [FS]BenAD
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