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Successful few days for the slugs


The Fusion Slugs have played three Clan Wars in the past three days, with the majority of our divisions getting a decent hit out. Amazing the Slugs managed to take out all three, which is a great indication of how strong the Fusion Slugs are becoming.

It started with the Gold/Platinum Proleague style clan war with TCP. FSsyllian, FSQuackpork, FSShadowMamba and FSZomgrofl managed to win their games, t give the Slugs a 4-1 win. FSBlueS went 1-2 against his Platinum opponent, in a great showing.

Meanwhile the Diamond and Master level slugs were also battling TCP, in a Best of 9 All kill. This was the first ever masters level clan war for us and it started off badly, with TCPEros taking out FSmoofang and FSqwerty. FSBattletoast stepped in and pulled a game back but captain TCPLemminks made it 3-1 for TCP. DronesInJail was sent in next and he managed to perform a 3 kill before falling to their ace TCPchase. Locked at 4-4 and with no masters left, we sent out FSchilla, who managed to take the final game and give us the 5-4 win.

Last night we faced mGG in a platinum / diamond Clan War, again in GSTL All Kill style. FSJhedjuka led out for us and managed to take down two platinum terrans, before being stopped by Diamond Zerg mGGcookiemonster. Saturday hero FSchilla re-emerged and took the next two games to put the Slugs on the brink of victory. mGGZeratul however stopped him in his tracks and then took down newly signed Slug FSVital. However it was another Protoss, FSmoofang, who sealed the win, which meant every victory for the Slugs came from their Protoss players.

The slugs focus will now change back to internal matters, as the final games of the Internal Cup #2 group stage happen on Tuesday and Thursday.

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Posted by [FS]BenAD
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