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Clans Wars and New Recruits


It has been a busy few weeks for the Fusion Slugs with two clan wars in the last 8 days and another one coming Tuesday. The BSG players got their change first against Solarity last Sunday. Unfortunately the Slugs went down 2-5, with Quackpork taking the two wins.

The PD players though had a much better time against Team Night, winning 5-2, with wins going to ShadowMamba (2) and Chilla (3).

Tuesday the BSG players look for revenge vs ToR, a team we have never beaten. In player news, we have had some big new additions and promotions, which has left us with 3 masters players and 5 diamond players. The team will continue to look for players to help the teams push towards the next SEACL!

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Posted by [FS]BenAD
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