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Fusion Slugs win the FSCT!


The Fusion Slugs managed to take Team Night in a tense final last week to win the Fusion Slug Clan Tournament! FSsyllian opened for the slugs against TNFate on ESV Muspelheim. TNFate, spawned as Protoss (being random), which is probably FSsyllians best matchup and he proved why, with a good victory. In a very close TvT on Entombed, FSsyllian lost to FaithHunter.

This brought out Eagle, who showed some great games, taking down FaithHunter, TNSoul and Anubis! This brought the game to 4-1 and the slugs just needing one more win, so Team Night sent out their Ace TNRaptor, who was 8-1 in the tournament.

Eagle went for a proxy 2 rax, but wasnt able to do enough damage and just died from the counter. TNRaptor then used early pressure builds to quickly take out FSZomgrofl and DronesInJail. This brought it down to an ace match to decide the winner!

Battletoast enter the arena on Metropolis and did a FFE. Raptor did an economic roach rush, but Battletoast was fully prepared for and held off. From that point Battletoast managed to hold off the pressure and then counter attack and crush the zerg army and win the series and the tournament for the Fusion Slugs!

This is the first tournament the Fusion Slugs as a team has taken out and I am very proud of all our members. The slugs will continue to work hard and improve and aim to be a big factor in the next SEACL.

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Posted by [FS]BenAD
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