Fusion Slugs!

Tonight the Slugs battle for First Place!


Last week the Fusion Slugs managed to topple FaDe 5-3 and qualify for the grand final of the FS Clan Tournament! Tonight they face off against Week 1 foe Team Night, who are the only team which has beaten the Slugs.

Last week QuackPork opened and managed to take down FaDeRezyn to get us off to a great start. FaDeMrBadass managed to take the next game which brought out FSKezz.

Kezz took the game against FaDeMrBadass and then had to face the mighty ChaynesOre who is Diamond and 9-1 in the tournament. Kezz though managed to defeat him in a great game! FaDeVision managed to stop the run of Kezz and then leveled it 3-3 after beating FSZomgrofl.

Moofang though brought it home with 2 victories and got the Fusion Slugs into the grand final!

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Posted by [FS]BenAD
Fusion Slugs

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Fusion Slugs