Fusion Slugs!

Slugs qualify for the Winner Semis of the FS Clan Tournament


The last few weeks has seen the Fusion Slugs fighting in Group B of the FS Clan Tournament #1 with Team Night, mGG and QED. We managed to go 2-1 in our group and qualify in 2nd place into the Winner Semi Finals, which guarantees us a Top 4 finish.

In week 1 we faced Team Night and it was a week to forget. Just a sole win to FSZomgrofl, prevented a flawless victory, as we went down 1-5.

Week 2 was a different story. After Zeb went down in a close game to metaStatic, Eagle came in and got revenge. Eagle went down in the next game, but FSKezz followed it up with a two kill, to leave it at 3-3 once he had lost. moofang then won the next two games to secure a 5-3 win!

Last week was the final group game, where a win vs QED would secure a top 2 spot. FSQuackpork opened but couldn't defeat QEDgoste. Eagle once again stepped in second and went 1-1, before new signing BattleToast unleashed a 3 kill to put us 4-2 up. His run was finally stopped by QEDBourkes, but stand in captain FSJhedjuka won the next game to secure another 5-3 win.

Tonight we face FaDe in the winners semi final, the winner will make the Grand Final. The loser has the Bronze match. Cheer us on tonight!

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Posted by [FS]BenAD
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