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Another big week for the Slugs


Another clan war, and 3 new recruits were the big news for the Fusion Slugs this week! The clan war was against Team Night in a two day affair! 9 best of 3's were played in that time, with seven different players representing the Slugs.

In the end the Slugs went down 4-5 in a very close set of matches. FSJhedjuka managed to win two best of 3s to finally break his duck. Meanwhile many players had their debut; FSKezz, FSSyllian, Wolfbomb and LiMiTeDFLuX.

Our new recruits this week are nOtse, JungleNed and Binchowmin. nOtse, formerly known as Rythmatik on the team HoH, is an Platinum Terran player. JungleNed is a Gold level Zerg player who has just switched to Protoss. And finally Binchowmin is a top of silver zerg player, who is "... after some friendly people to practice with and improve my skills."

Welcome to our new slugs! Captain FSBenAD is starting planning of a mini clan tournament to lead into the next SEACL. Expect more information about this soon!

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Posted by [FS]BenAD
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