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4 remain in the Fusion Slug Internal Cup #1


Our four semi finalist players have been decided for the first ever Fusion Slug Internal Cup! The action all takes place this thursday night! After lots of games, featuring everything from cheesy proxys, crazy all ins, to 45 minute base trades, we have finally reached the semi final stage of the tournament.

The first player is our newly ranked Masters player, Captain. The favorite to win the tournament has shown exactly why so many people back him, winning 4 best of 3s in a row to win the Winners Bracket for Group C and D. He only dropped one game to FSVulcaN, with 2-0s over Iroh, Dele and FSBenAD.

His opponent in the Semi Final will be Quackpork in a PvT. Quackpork has had a hugely impressive run so far and is the only BSG player left, being in Silver.

Quackpork finished last in his Group, but that wasn't the whole tale. He went down narrowly in both series 2-1 against higher ranked opponents and on another day might of come out first. He did it the hard way in the bracket play, falling into the losers bracket after losing in Winners Round 2 (another 1-2 loss), but managed to win the losers bracket final. Captain will be an extreme test, but everyone loves an underdog!

In the other semi final, we have the AB Winners Bracket Champion FSBonik. Bonik finished second in his group, following 2-1 win over quackpork and 2-1 loss to Jhedjuka. This meant he needed to win 3 games in winners bracket to make the semis as #1 seed and he was able to do it, taking down FSNeiloGD, FSHayrOb and then get revenge on FSJhedjuka in the Winners Final.

His opponent is Fusion Slugs captain FSBenAD, to make it two PvT semi finals! BenAD was able to top his group, beating FSDele and FSZomgrofl 2-0. He then had a rematch with FSZomgrofl in the winners bracket, before going down in the Winners bracket final to Captain. He then had a third best of 3 with FSZomgrofl in the losers bracket final and was able to take that and become our final semi finalist!

Good luck, it all happens this Thursday!

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Posted by [FS]BenAD
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