Fusion Slugs!

Five more join the slugs, as we pass 20 members


Its been a busy week for the Fusion Slugs, with the internal tournament and the streams putting some spotlight on our team. We are delighted to announce five new Fusion Slugs this week, which takes our roster total to 23!

First we have FSKript who is a Gold Zerg, who is top of gold and looking at getting platinum very shortly. Next we have FSDanceParty who is a Silver Protoss hailing from Adelaide.

Our other Protoss player is Captains (better/other) half Princess! She is a Bronze level player, who is currently ranked five in her division with 50 wins. Our sole Terran new player is Eagle who is in Silver. He is currently top of silver and i imagine will probably hit promotion in placement for season 8 (next week). Finally we have Esque who is a Platinum Zerg. Esque was recommended to us by Jhedjuka and boosts our platinum and diamond stocks for the next SEACL!

Welcome to all five of you and we look forward to seeing you at training and helping us do well in the next SEA clan league!

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Posted by [FS]BenAD
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