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Slugs go down to Tor in Friendly


Yesterday the Slugs took on ToR in a BSG All Kill Best of 9 Friendly Clan War. This was a big opportunity for some new faces and the BSG players to get some competitive experience. The games were casted by captain FSBenAD and FSbonik

Quackpork was out first for the Fusion Slugs and threw a 4 gate at ToR Zerg Suipr. Suipr scouted it and was able to save the hatchery and counter push to take game 1. Founding member NeiloGD was out next and caught Suipr out with a marine/tank push. Suipr though was able to limit the damage and with 3 base vs 2, was able to make it 2-0 for ToR.

Next out was vice captain FSDele and out harassed Suipr to death with constant pressure. The next game vs ToRBloodmyst saw one of the biggest comebacks ever, with Dele over half supply down and using drops and defensive tanks, to win the game. Another win vs ToRSerpent followed before he was finally taken down by ThePandarine to make it 3-3.

VulcaN stepped out next in his first appearance for the Slugs and did a 2 base immortal bust. ThePandarine was able to hold it though and took it to 4-3 for ToR. The slugs hopes now rested on FSJhedjuka, who had struggled in clan appearances to date. After holding off early pressure Jhedjuka went for a bust with fast collossi and gateway armies. He did lots of damage, but lost everything and ThePandarine counter attack to win it for ToR! Full results and replays are here

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Posted by [FS]BenAD
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