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Keeping social with the slugs

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Keeping social with the slugs

Postby [FS]BenAD » Mon May 20, 2013 11:56 am

Hey everyone... So one of the best thigns Ive found about the clan has been the fun social interaction between members and its becoming more useful with the cross server thing in starcraft, as a lot of people ladder on the other servers.

So I wanted to remind everyone about the avenues we have.

The Fusion Slugs have an official twitter and facebook page. This is more our public face then anything else, but things that are put on here (yes i need to do better with twitter), are big announcements, clan war fixtures and results, links to streams etc.

Facebook Team Page - Go LIKE IT!!!

Twitter - FOLLOW

For our social interaction, we used to have a lot of us hang out in Vent. I'd really love to encourage this a bit more, so if people are keen let me know. Zomgrofl runs a vent server and lets us use it.

Server: Au1.LeetVent.com
port 3838
Password: Creeds

We also have a facebook group, which is where you can just talk about anything and is private to FS members only. Heaps of us are on here and share heaps of things, stream links, interesting TL threads or just talk in general about starcraft and things. You just need to be invited by one of the admins. So send me a friend request on facebook (and if you think I wont have a clue who you are, just let me know here too ;) ). Then I will add you in. I post more internal stuff here too, so I recommend joining this!

Facebook Group

We also have a skype group. We don't use this for video, we actually use it just to chat. This is pretty casual, we discuss current streams, or clan wars and other things. We do some strategy talk too.. I recommend this too. (Also post internal stuff here too). Just add me on skype, telling me who you and I will add you in. My id is BenAD83

All these details are in the sticky thread too for future reference. viewtopic.php?f=5&t=92
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