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GLHF Magazine

Postby [FS]BenAD » Fri Apr 27, 2012 9:24 am

Hey guys,

You should all give this a read

Here is the Online-version at issuu.com. Should be easier to read
http://issuu.com/williamdahlstrom/docs/ ... genumber=1

The website is called: http://glhfmag.com/

And you can find the first issue over here: http://glhfmag.com/GLHF_Magazine_April_Issue.pdf

The strategy and builds sections will be useful.
Not much in there for Protoss, but a ZvT baneling bust build, Leenocks builds from the MLG final last year (ZvP), Links to a series of Videos to help Terrans from Bronze to Diamond.
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