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Newsletter Announcement and Instructions

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Newsletter Announcement and Instructions

Postby [FS]BenAD » Sat Jan 05, 2013 10:24 am

Today we are proud to announce a new feature as part of our ongoing effort to keep you more up to date with the latest Fusion Slug news. With the amount of stuff that happens at times, its easy to lose track of the important announcements and thus we now have Fusion Slug Newsletters!

What can I expect in a Fusion Slug Newsletter?
The most important announcements only, things which impact on you as a member of the Fusion Slugs in some form. We dont have plans to use this to announce promotions, recruitment or clan results. Instead we will remind of you important events, any changes to policies or staff, new website/forum features and other things which change your day to day experience with us.

How often will I receive these?
We only intend for these to go out infrequently. Most likely once a month - It depends on if there are any big changes going on. For smaller events and changes, like clan war results and player promotions, we have monthly updates on SC2SEA and the Fusion Slug forums. This newsletter is only intended for bigger things like our recent leadership announcement.

I really don't want to receive these. Is there a way to not receive them?
Yes, its really straight forward. But please think carefully before you choose this. You may miss out on something really crucial, which could affect your membership. But, if it really really bothers you to get 1 or 2 emails a month the process is simple.

Login to the forums, go to your User Control Panel, highlight the overview dropdown, Select Profile. You will now be on the Edit Profile screen. On this you will find a tickbox "Receive Fusion Slug Newsletter". Untick this, and you will no longer receive emails.
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