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Fusion Slugs Forum • View topic - Fusion Slug Introduction and FAQ

Fusion Slug Introduction and FAQ

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Fusion Slug Introduction and FAQ

Postby [FS]BenAD » Wed Apr 25, 2012 4:50 pm

This thread is a one stop shop for all your fusion slug information.

What are the website details?
Website: http://www.fusionslugs.hawkeyewc.net/
Forum: http://www.fusionslugs.hawkeyewc.net/forum/
Both use your forum login

Who are our current members?
http://www.fusionslugs.hawkeyewc.net/roster.php (Most up to date)
or forum thread: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=4

When are training nights?
Tuesday and Thursday Nights, from 5.30pm SGT (GMT +8) / 7.30pm AEST (GMT +10) / 9.30pm NZ (GMT +12)

What is the Clan name in game
SEA - "Fusion Slugs"

What about public groups?
SEA - "Fusion Slugs Social"

Do you use any voice communication?
We have a vent server (Thankyou FSZomgrofl)
Server: Au1.LeetVent.com
Port: 3838
Password: Creeds

We also have a Skype group. Add BenAD83 (FSBenAD) and tell him who you are, to be added.

Do you use social media?
Facebook Team Page - https://www.facebook.com/FusionSlugs
Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/272229606170873/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/#!/FusionSlugs

What do the fusion slugs actually do?
We take part in clan leagues based on the level of our players. We also encourage players to take part in individual competitions and will advertise them. We also have training nights and help train each other and practice strategies.

I've heard about a competition I think the slugs can enter, what should I do?
Let us know, post it in the forums or tell one of the leaders.

I want to join Fusion Slugs...
You can fill out our application here http://www.fusionslugs.hawkeyewc.net/JoinFS.php (Requires forum login)
Or you can apply on SC2SEA (http://www.sc2sea.com/view_clanfsrecruitment.htm)
Or contact one of our leaders directly.

Who are the Leaders
Clan Captain: BenAD
2nd In Command: Jhedjuka
Senior Leaders: Del and Zomgrofl

Clan Manager: BlueS

D/M/GM Captain: Rog
D/M/GM Vice Captain: moofang

GPD Captain: Kezz
GPD Vice Captain: Qlexx

BSG Captain: Quackpork
BSG Vice Captain: Wolfbomb

How can I tell the current active / upcoming clan matches?
We have just completed all our current competitions. The news page or forums will indicate any new clan wars or tournaments which come up. The calendar page (http://www.fusionslugs.hawkeyewc.net/calendar.php) will show all upcoming events.

What about individual competitions?
We encourage all members to enter these, post about your tournament games and results here so the team can cheer you on!

I know someone who would like to join, what should I do?
Tell them to sign up here and bring them along to a practice night and introduce them one of our leaders. Anything you can tell us about the player helps their chances of joining us.

I have a question which I think should be covered here. What should I do?
Send it to FSBenAD, either via email or via private message on the forum.
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