Fusion Slugs!
The Fusion Slugs are an SEA (South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand) based Starcraft II clan. We currently have players of all levels and compete in many events around clan wars.

Why Fusion Slugs?

Our core founding members had a small group at work, which we called "Team Sea Slug". We used to organise things and had our own email list. Its a name which really stuck with us and we decided to use the name for our team. But we wanted to give it a Starcraft theme, so we choose Fusion Slugs!

How often do you all play

We have practice nights every Tuesday and Thursday night currently and most of our members jump on ventrillo. Apart from that our members often are on other days/nights and playing. We dont have any expectation of minimum games a week, but we are more likely to let those who practice represent us in Team Games.

What are the core values of the Fusion Slugs

We all love starcraft, but we also believe in having fun, helping each other to get better and playing the game with sportsmanship and integrity. We want to play the game the right way and grow together.

I'd like to join / am interested in joining. How do I know if this is the right clan for me?

If you like to join, hit the Joining Fusion Slugs option. The best way to see if you will enjoy being a slug, is to come along to a practice night and see if you have fun!

Fusion Slugs
Fusion Slugs

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Fusion Slugs